Brydge take on Logitech and Zagg with the new BrydgeAir keyboard.

October 22, 2014

Brydge Air Press Release


Finally, a keyboard worthy of the iPad

Brydge releases its newest accessory for the iPad Air and iPad Air 2 – the BrydgeAir

SINGAPORE – Writing on the move just got a whole lot easier with the BrydgeAir, the feather light keyboard with aluminium strength.

At just 520 grams, it’s the perfect portable companion to the iPad Air, emulating the high quality, sleek design and effortless functionality of the Apple tablet.

An iPad is excellent for checking mail, but we all know how frustrating it can be to reply with its fussy touchpad.

Users today are hungry for something compact that can replicate the power of a laptop – all while remaining reliable, rugged and beautiful. Now, that something exists.

BrydgeAir is:

  • The only keyboard that is 100% aluminium, forged out of a single sleek slab of high-grade metal
  • The only keyboardwith backlit keys offsetting its aluminium body
  • The only keyboard with a 180-degree hinge
  • The only keyboard with dual stereo speakers – boosting the iPad’s mono sound to a fuller, more tangible audio experience  
  • The only keyboardthat will work with both the iPad Air and the iPad Air 2
  • Now shipping for US$169
  • Available in 3 colours –Gold, Silver and Space Gray

Who are Brydge?
Brydge started life as the quintessential California startup, in Palo Alto. With a legacy that saw Brydge first launch on Kickstarter in 2012, its obvious appeal attracted US$800,000 in funds, and quickened heartbeats in the tech sphere around the world. Now Australian CEO Nick Smith, wants to take Brydge to even greater heights. After taking over ownership and the business in early 2014, Brydge moved from the West Coast to Southeast Asia and is now 100% owned and incorporated in Singapore.

Having designed the perfect keyboard for the iPad, the BrydgeAir is ready to go worldwide. “We have warehouses in the UK, Hong Kong, Canada, the USA and Australia. We’ve got a global reach,” says Nick. “We’ve shipped keyboards to all corners of the globe, from South Africa to Montenegro, Peru to Iceland. There are Brydge keyboards in all markets. Now we’re working with leading retailers in major markets to launch the Brydge. We’re not here to muck around.”

A host of stellar reviews agrees. WIRED enthused about an earlier Brydge offering: “If you’re trying to leave your laptop behind, the Brydge keyboard is the best accessory for your iPad.” Meanwhile, Apple Insider praised the device’s “laptop functionality.” 

“It resonates with people,” says Nick. “The honeymoon period of the iPad is over. They’re amazing devices that have changed the way we lean, work and play – adding a keyboard that finally looks and feels as good as the iPad is the next logical step.

“The MacBook Pro is a brilliant computer, but it’s enormous. For me to get on a plane for four hours, there’s no way I can touch an email. It barely fits in a chair. But when you’re on the BrydgeAir? I pull it out, and the amount of people who tap me on the shoulder and ask, ‘What’s that?’ is ridiculous. It’s a head-turner.” 

What’s next

The BrydgeAir joins its earlier models, the Brydge+ Speakerless and Brydge+ Polycarbonate. Together they fit with the iPad 2, 3, 4, iPad Air and now the iPad Air 2.

Coming soon are more international members of the Brydge family. Next year will see the release of multi-language keyboards, aimed at users in Europe and South America. 

Most exciting of all is the upcoming release of the Brydge Mini, which will mate to the iPad Mini. So expect to see Brydge smaller, lighter, and in the hands of tech connoisseurs everywhere.


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