makeuseof: Brydge+ iPad Keyboard Review

July 15, 2014

The iPad has a problem: typing on a touchscreen keyboard (and thereby losing half your viewing space) just isn’t that conducive to being productive. You can connect any Bluetooth keyboard, but then you have added complication of finding a case to prop up the iPad and all of extra things to carry around; or it only works when laying flat on a desk.

Brydge+ solves this problem, and more besides. With integrated Bluetooth speakers, a set of clamshell hinges that securely connect to your iPad, and iPad-specific function keys – you really aren’t going to find a better iPad keyboard.

The Brydge keyboard case began as a Kickstarter and went on to enormous success – 10 minutes alone with the product and you’ll see why. The Brydge+ we’re reviewing today is the option with speakers currently available for $99, a speakerless model for $89, and a plastic model for $79. There are less expensive alternatives such as the Snugg FlipStand Keyboard Case($49), or the Kensington Keyfolio ($70), but neither is these is really suitable for use on your lap – a common situation when travelling. On the higher end of the market is the Logitech Fabric Skin, a water repellant keyboard and folio case ($120), though the particular style and feel of the keys won’t please everyone, it doesn’t have speakers, and the plastic locks break quickly according to many reports.


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