the Mac Observer - BrydgeAir Keyboard for iPad Air/Air 2: Almost Perfect

February 23, 2015

The original Brydge Keyboard for iPad was a nice product, but the company had grave customer service issues. Now, under new ownership, Brydge Global, the BrydgeAir continues its tradition of physical excellence with a model for the iPad Air and Air 2. iPad color matching and many small refinements have been added.

The Brydge Concept

Simply put, the BrydgeAir  Keyboard is a matching aluminum Bluetooth keyboard that mates with your iPad Air or Air 2 and closes up, clamshell fashion, similar to a MacBook. A rich selection of function keys assists with typical iPad operations. When closed up, the iPad is protected for travel. A nice leather, zippered case is included.

For those on the go who prefer an iPad, this keyboard, combined with a rich selection of available iOS text editor and word processing apps allows the user, writer or business person, to get a lot of work done, including extensive email, with a very comfortable MacBook-like keyboard.


Before I continue, those who are new to this product should be aware that it has a bit of history. Here are two of my articles that will bring you up to date. The first is the original product review from late 2012, which was very favorable, but with a boatload of customer service issues contributed in the comments. The second is my interview with Nicholas Smith about the rebirth of Brydge under new ownership.

What You Need to Know

There are several important things to know about a keyboard like this. Will the iPad too easily separate or fall out of the hinge? How easy is it to type on the keyboard? Do the keys touch the display? How heavy is the keyboard? I'll cover all this below.


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