Zarchive-Instructions: Brydge+ Polycarbonate iPad Keyboard

Instructions: Brydge+ - for iPad 2, 3, and 4

1 Connecting Your Brydge+


Unfold the hinges to the vertical position.


Place your iPad Air into the hinges with the home button on the right-hand side.

2 Looking after the battery

Battery Indicator

  • Red: Charging / Fully charged
  • Blue (flashing slowly): Low battery


  • To charge your keyboard, connect to any USB port using the cable provided.

3 Pairing the keyboard for the first time

  • Turn the power button icon to the on position
  • On your iPad, go to Settings > Bluetooth (and ensure your Bluetooth is turned on).
  • Press and hold "Control" & "K" for 2 seconds (the on/off button will flash blue).
  • Tap "Brydge Keyboard" under Bluetooth devices.

4 Pairing the speakers for the first time

  • On your iPad, go to Settings > Bluetooth
  • Press and hold "Control" & "B" for 4 seconds until you hear a 4-tone beep (the speakers are now activated).
  • Press "Control" & "B" once more very quickly, you will hear a second two-tone beep.
  • Select Brydge Speakers under Bluetooth devices. Pairing is confirmed by a single-beep (initial pairing may take up to 5 seconds).

5 Turning the speakers on and off


Press and hold "Control" & "B" for 4 seconds, you will hear the power-up tone.


Press and hold "Control" & "B" for 4 seconds, you will hear the power-down tone.

The speakers will automatically re-connect with your iPad once turned back on.